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WIA - Workforce Investment Act


WIA: Certification Training Funding for Unemployed Students


Has not being Cisco Certified kept you from gaining employment or even prevented you from getting interviews for Networking jobs? Has your unemployment status precluded you from moving forward with a Cisco Certification pursuit because of finances? If so, did you know that a funding source exists that can help fund your training, earn your certification, and get you gainfully employed?


The WIA (Workforce Investment Act) contains federal funds that are dispersed to each State to help unemployed citizens get back into the workforce. Each State has these funds managed by a local organization (usually the Counties, or local non-profit organizations). Networking has been recognized and approved for dispersal of funds in all 50 States, some of whom will fund the Certifications and Trainings necessary for the unemployed citizen to qualify for available jobs.


CCBOOTCAMP has worked with such citizens in providing the resources and guidance to assist them in obtaining these funds for their Training, and has gotten approved as a Training Provider for the WIA’s in a dozen states.

If you would like to know more about the WIA and how you can secure funds for your Training pursuits, please contact one of our Education Consultants.



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